Getting started with GitHub

To start analyzing your code go to the SoftaCheck and sign in with your GitHub Account 

SoftaCheck will connect your GitHub account and ask for permission to access your repositories.

Welcome to SoftaCheck

Once you’ve successfully logged in you'll have the dashboard with all your GitHub repositories list. You can add any repository by selecting and clicking on import

Choose a plan

Once you sign up with SoftaCheck you’ll opt-in for a Free plan which provides unlimited access to public repositories and one private repository. In order to run analysis against unlimited private repositories and support you can opt-in for the paid plan 

Go to Profile > Plans

Import repositories

Now you can import the repository (individual or multiple from GitHub) that you want to analyze. On Dashboard, you can see the list of repositories and already imported repositories.

You can select the repository you want to analyze and click Import

Your analysis results

Once completed you can view the detailed analysis