Repository Configuration

To manage your repository level settings you can go to Repository Details > Settings


You can refresh the access to GitHub due to any reason SoftaCheck access is removed from the repository. To enable the GitHub check-in repository you can enable this feature here. By enabling you’re installing the GitHub App to your repository that will allow SoftaCheck to add annotations in GitHub and create checks for you.

Control analysis tools

To control the analysis tool to run against the repository. By default, SoftaCheck runs CppCheck and clang-tidy as analysis tools on the repository. You enable/disable it from here. After making changes all future analyses will consider these settings.

Remove your repository

When you remove your repository from SoftaCheck all your information related to your repository and code analysis data will be removed.

You can delete the account by clicking on the Remove button. This action cannot be undone. It will permanently delete the repository along with events, issues, and integrations with the SoftaCheck App. (It'll not affect your repositories in GitHub)