Your First Analysis

Once you import your repository in SoftaCheck, it will run code analysis against your code.

By default, SoftaCheck will run analysis against your default branch that can be main or master

From now on any change you made towards your default branch will be analyzed, it can be direct commit, merge request, or branch merge.


You can check details issue that SoftaCheck find in your code

Pull Requests

In addition to running analysis on your default branch, SoftaCheck will also run analysis against individual pull requests that branches are enabled. Any pull request made towards the branch is checked against the repository settings. If that branch is enabled for analysis, SoftaCheck will run the same. 

Code analysis happens before you merge the pull request in order to catch any issues. The analysis result of the pull request is displayed in the Pull Request section.


The Branches will display all the active branches of the repository. Initially, the default branch will be active for the repository. You can also configure here other branches to run the analysis. Once configured for any future changes to that branch will analyze with SoftaCheck